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There's Never Been a Shop like the Boutique in Seven Lakes...

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The Inspiration behind the Boutique...

“Dream big and anything is possible.” A phrase that many of us remember hearing as children. As a child with a creative mind, my dreams became so elaborate and detailed that they seemed real, but being timid, I often would leave the thought as “just a dream”. I have found that as I grow older, living life as just a dreamer is no longer satisfying. I am growing bolder in dreaming big and “doing”. 

BARRON Tile and Stone has rekindled my big dreams as I work with the community in designing beautiful spaces in their homes. Selecting materials and helping clients visualize the potential their spaces hold is truly exciting for me. I light up inside when a customer walks through the door looking for help. I felt that I was living out my dream, and as my dreams go, a new thought had begun to grow. 

A year and a half ago, an idea to offer more home décor options to our clients as well as the community began to brew. With the encouragement, support, and long hours of work from my family, coworkers, and friends, my dream of a design boutique is becoming a reality. Those of you who have stopped by BARRON Tile and Stone lately have been patient through the noise and dust created as construction of BARRON’s Boutique has been underway on the second floor of the tile showroom. 

For me, with the mess and every piece of sheet rock, lighting fixture, and coat of paint the excitement builds of seeing a dream come to reality. For months James and I have been traveling to carefully select vendors for the boutique that will provide the same quality of product and service that we expect from our tile vendors. Quality selection and service are important to us as we see our clients as not just one-time visitors, but longtime friends. 

The boutique features' quality home furniture and décor as well as special gift items. Beautifully upholstered furniture and a variety soaps and lotions made in North Carolina; a large selection of tables, rugs, artwork, lighting, and accessories; candles, throws, bedding, and more are arriving daily as we eagerly work toward opening day. My big dream had become just as exciting for James and the BARRON team.  Our shared dream is that the community becomes equally as excited in experiencing our new destination BARRON’s Boutique in Seven Lakes.

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